Started up a Division 2 Clan, you can search Agnitio in game to request to join :)
NYR E5 Potential Times: [link]
NYR E1 Potential Times: [link]
Link for give your better time for NYR E5 : [link]
I can reinstate mine at 9PM CET, if there are enough people to participate
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SWL transfer 6/23/2017

Wodrith a posted Jun 8, 17

All TSW players with accounts in good standing will be invited to join the beta tomorrow. Also, early access to the game will begin 6/23/17. This is the date you can start playing for progress.

I will NOT be in SWL until 6/23/17. Not that I hate the game, but I beta tested the game ALOT. I've given my opinions, and I have nothing to add. I will pick up on 6/23 for some massive game time. If someone here wants to start an Agnitio, feel free ;). I shall have one up in under a few hours from when swl servers come up for the live early start.

We dont know about Patron status or account linking at the time of this post. Should be any day now for that.

anon021 my account swl ,nick name : OJEK

I thought it would be a good time to refresh this front page, and give a perspective on how the cabal is now.

Since the last post 51 people have been recruited to the cabal. We found some great people to help on the front of leadership which is awesome. We steped up our lair game to prepare for extra life 2017 already! We are 1/3 of the way to our world boss summoning goal (100 summons). We are going to live up to the our cabal name that is found in game, on a tombstone, in London.

Raids are going as strong as ever, we're getting more people interested in the museum. Teaching new people the game, getting more high DPS players.We went from peeking at 3-4 players a day to 20+ players a day. When we want to run content, we have an abundance of people, not a shortage.

Above all else, we're building what our recruitment video preaches, which i think we lost somewhere at the start of last year.

I can barely focus on stuff going on due to some recent events. If you know, IFO and Ceyes have left to forum a new multi-faction cabal. IFO noted I am a shitty leader. Then Asmodeux left.... who we didnt share many words with.... but had been in many groups. I feel im probably going to lose of ton of you I call friends now, so before more leave, I'd like to say a few things.

Link to Post Here


The Audio Round Winner

We reviewed every entry, and poured through your heartfelt, funny, terrifying, and even bizarre entries,
and have chosen the following entry as the winner of the Audio Round of #IAMTSW.
While every entry showed us how #YOUARETSW, we can only choose one winner.
Therefore, it is with great pride that we ask you to not roast any goats-

(link for those that can't see this on their browser)
Congratulations to ELUROS!

Eluros has won the following from Funcom!

• A really nice glass, suitable for your favorite beverage!

• A shirt, in game, with YOUR NAME ON IT.! (See above!)

• 1200 Bonus Points!

• A set of Faction Dogtags!

• A Deep Mystery Box!

• A custom Forum title!

• An in-game Participation T-shirt!
eluros I am so excited! Wooohooo!
Enjoy a Golden Week with new Items!

We invite you to join us for a whole Golden Week of great bonuses, brand new outfits and items with tons of bling and the Gilded Rage event! The event has just started today and will last until the 1st of April. You can enjoy the following all week long:


Double Ability Points

Every time you earn an Ability Point during the event you also get an additional one as a bonus. This effect stacks with the Timed Ability Point boosts from the Item Store.

Event Bags Full of New Items

You can enjoy all new bags filled to the brim with great new outfits, emotes, pets or items. These work like previous event bags, where the High Roller's Valise gives you an item while the Golden Bag of Lady Luck gives you and up to 20 players around you something from the bag. Use the bag around at least 10 people and you will be rewarded with an all new dance! Get the bags in the Item Shop now!

Gilded Rage Event

Hunt down the golden rampaging Guardian of Gaia. This monstrous Golem will roam the land and no place is safe from his wrath. Take down this Guardian to earn special rewards, which allow you to get your hands on the all new event bags!

Great Deal on Funcom Points

During the Golden Week you get 30% extra Bonus Points every time you purchase Funcom Points! Bonus Points are valid for 6 months towards any in-game purchase.

Bonus Points for Recruiting 

 For every new player you recruit this week you get $20 worth of Bonus Points (2400) in addition to the Veteran Points you normally get. (To get this bonus you must send   your invite between now and the end of the Golden Week and the recruit must purchase The Secret World within 30 days.) Everyone has gotten 10 extra invite keys as bonus. Remember that we now have a special Enhanced Player Experience Pack offer, which makes this the perfect time for a new player to try The Secret World!

90% Off on Golden Outfits 

During the Golden Week you can buy the Extra Heavy Metal and the Style and Gilt outfits at 90% off!

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