What is your in-game name?

How did you hear about us?
I was referred.

What is your time-zone?
GTM +2 (I am on most of the time as I have much time so will likely fit into more than just that time-zone).

Tell us a little about yourself. Detailed answer, we care about our applicants.
I love SWL, I am reasonably new to the game, about 3-4 months or less. I love the community as I come from a MMO where one gets screamed at when making mistakes.
I love learning, although I must admit, I am very slow at learning, but once I get it, I can teach a rock :).
I like the idea of being in a cabal that cares for one another, this is what I do irl, but have not really experienced it in any mmo just yet.
Please contact me ingame for more details as I dont really know what more to say :).

Why did you decide to apply to us rather then another cabal? Why do we stand out? Detailed Answer.
You are active and you care about your members.
Where I am atm I dont get that at all.
The person that referred me also know much about how I play and how active I am, they kindly mentioned you being a good fit for me.
I really enjoyed the video on the home page and the more I read about the cabal the more I am convinced its the right place for me.

What would you like to get from our cabal? We impact the community in big ways, so its important to us that our members are aligned with our goals. Growing the SWL community and being a positive influence where there exists little of that sometimes.
I would like to learn about the game, as I mentioned I am still new.
Would like to get to a place where I know SWL well enough that I can assist new people and even whoever is running the events.
I would also like to just have ingame friends, ppl to talk to, to run rainds and dungeons and even scenarios with.