What is your in-game name?
Michael "Mickry" Seer

How did you hear about us?
Via an announcement made by Wolffspider in-game

What is your time-zone?

Tell us a little about yourself. Detailed answer, we care about our applicants.
I'm 27, finishing my Ph.D. and living in France (but fluent in english). I'm an old fan of TSW which I started to play around 2013 if I remember correctly. I really enjoy the universe and the lore of this game. Other than that I really like board games and RP games but I am rarely roleplaying in video games. Other activities include biking, rock climbing, a little bit of programming too.

Why did you decide to apply to us rather then another cabal? Why do we stand out? Detailed Answer.
I like the multi-faction choice of this cabal and also the fact that you do not focus on only one aspect of the game; I like to be able to explore every aspect of the game, PVE, PVP, achievements, etc. Your website seems also active which is nice to see.

What would you like to get from our cabal? We impact the community in big ways, so its important to us that our members are aligned with our goals. Growing the SWL community and being a positive influence where there exists little of that sometimes.
I mainly would like to find people to finish endgame content (NY raids, dungeons), I am also completing achievements so I'd gladly help anyone who wants to finish them too. More generaly I'm looking for friendly companions to play with (MMOs are a little bit boring alone).

Hoping to hear from you in-game.