What is your in-game name?

How did you hear about us?

What is your time-zone?


Tell us a little about yourself. Detailed answer, we care about our applicants.
I'm a lawyer by day and a techie by night. My main character is a DPS using Blood/Elementalism
I play fairly early in the morning for my scenarios before work, and work long shifts.

Why did you decide to apply to us rather then another cabal? Why do we stand out? Detailed Answer.
Credit totally goes to Shadowcat-x 9swords does not support their North American members, we were told you do much better with that, so we are here.

What would you like to get from our cabal? We impact the community in big ways, so its important to us that our members are aligned with our goals. Growing the SWL community and being a positive influence where there exists little of that sometimes. Mainly dungeons, Regional Bosses and Lairs, Shadowcat-x stuck by us through the worst of things so we are returning the favor.